This page will be for pictures and updates on a V8 swap in a 96 Cavalier. Plans include an LS1 engine, and custom frame.  Let's see what happens.  I will be taking A LOT of pictures as this goes on.
Here is a little background on the car.  We first bought this car about 5 or 6 years ago.  I drove it back and forth to work about 35 miles each way usually about 6 days a week. I never really did anything to the car, just lowered it 2 inches and painted the dash bezel to match. About 3 years ago, I sold it to a friend and he drove it for the last 3 years, and changed the headlights. Then one day, it chucked a rod through the block and oil pan. I had been looking for a project to work on, and decided to call and try to get the car. He said that I could come and get it for $500, and I told him I was on my way.
I will add progess pictures after each day of work. These are days I work on it, not actual consecutive days.  LOL.  I am home maybe one day a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.

These first pictures are from when we first brought it home. Pretty dirty, kinda messy. Most of the tow how consisted of gravel road with me on the end of a tow rope behind a friends C10.
Shortly after getting it home, Day 1 commenced.  I removed quite a few things from the engine compartment. I labeled all wire connections so I can reuse the stock harness, and keep the factory switches like key switch, lights, blinker, you get the picture. I will throw the parts on Ebay that I am not going to keep or reuse.  Let's see if I can make back the $500 I paid for the car.
Day 2 was interior removal.  Not hard at all, and I think I found about $5 worth of change. Again, all wire connections were labeled for reuse. ( I hope)
Ah, Day 3.  Actual Engine and Transaxle removal.  Good times.  I was driving around all week waiting to get home for this day. 
Just a few pictures to show how much room is actually in this engine bay.  I think there is more room than in the S10's I've worked on.